Michelle Ellis

Do I really need a college degree at my age? What’s it like to return to school later in life? How can I apply the skills I learn?

These are all questions that prospective students ask us. We recently sat down with recent graduate student, Michelle Ellis, and here’s what she had to say:

Washington University is part of my success story. If it wasn’t for WashU, I don’t know where else I would’ve wanted to go to school.”

Were you worried about your work-life balance at all?

Actually, coming to the School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS) at WashU became part of my lifestyle. Not only with the classes and working here, but we’ve got great restaurants on campus. I didn’t have to go outside the university for dinner, for supplies, for anything. There’s also lots of great resources, everything is in a couple mile’s radius. WashU is very accommodating. So school just became a big part of my life. Once I got into the groove of attending classes and balancing work, life, home, and myself, it was no longer a challenge. 

Describe your experience with CAPS faculty?

I had the best professors. They were very encouraging and supportive. And they encouraged me to keep on going. I remember one professor encouraged me to start looking outside the university for jobs. As a matter of fact, she would email me job listings and say, “You’re doing great on your assignments. Take a look at this job.” Instructors allowed me additional time on assignments or a break from a particular class. 

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