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Graduates of the WashU School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS), formerly University College, are a valuable part of the distinguished alumni of Washington University. Working in St. Louis, and educated in St. Louis, CAPS and University College alums remain involved in the fabric of the community long after graduation.

University Advancement serves graduates of Washington University, helping them to stay connected by offering career networking, continuing education opportunities, and alumni gatherings. Thousands of alumni, parents and friends around the world donate their time and talent to Washington University. Their work as volunteers builds alumni ties and supports students—and plays a critical role in sustaining and strengthening the CAPS mission.

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New online networking platform available at WashU

WashU CNX (pronounced “connects”) is the university’s official online community for networking. Here, alumni, current students, and other university community members network, collaborate, and grow personally and professionally one-on-one and in groups.

WashU CNX offers unique benefits and opportunities: Share your professional experiences and insights with current students. Exchange ideas and gain new perspectives. Expand your WashU network. Learn more about WashU CNX and how you can become a mentor.

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Commencement is not the end of your relationship with Washington University — merely the end of one chapter, and the start of another. The School of Continuing & Professional Studies is proud to offer information on opportunities for our alumni to stay informed, stay connected, and strengthen their ties with the school and one another.

For more information about ways to build the bond between yourself and Washington University, please visit Staying Connected or contact a member of the University Advancement.

Getting a degree from Washington University has opened so many doors for me. I utilize the skills I learned in my current job, in my personal life, and in just about anything that I do.”

MS in Clinical Research Management, BS with a double major in English & Psychology

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