Joel Pugh

What is it like to be an adult student? How time consuming is the process if I decide to go back to school? Will I be able to handle the workload as a working professional?

These are all questions that prospective students ask us. We recently sat down with current student, Joel Pugh, and here’s what he had to say:

I have the choice to take courses during the day, during evenings; I could choose what time in the evening I want to take classes…the flexibility is very important to my schooling.”

What initially attracted you to WashU?

The first thing was seeing how competitive it was—compared to other schools—especially the school I was attending at the time. Also, seeing the types of alumni that come from the school. WashU has a really large network. In addition, I learned they offered programs that would work with my work-life schedule. Furthermore, it seemed like the School of Continuing & Professional Studies (formerly University College) was very much a part of campus. All of that combined drew me to the WashU and to CAPS.

What makes WashU School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS) special?

While in the adult program at my previous school, I definitely felt like I wasn’t part of the campus or part of the study body—I was more separate. I thought it would be similar here at CAPS, but I truly feel like I’ve been able to embrace what it’s like to be a student at WashU. For example, I’m on the Triathlon Team here, and a lot of my classes have day students in them. Also, I get to come to this awesome campus for two days out of the week.

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