Registration Information & Deadlines

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Course Registration

School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS) has an open registration policy. Students with a high school diploma or the equivalent may register in most CAPS courses. While most CAPS courses are open to any qualified student, a student who wants to earn a certificate or degree must be admitted to CAPS as a degree candidate.

Students can add courses freely until the end of the open enrollment period, which is the same as the last day to drop a course for a 100% refund. After the open enrollment period, students must secure written approval from the instructor and a late registration fee will apply. Learn more about how to register for a course.

Grade Options

Students may choose among three grading options:

  • Letter Grade – yields GPA
  • Pass/Fail (Credit/No credit) – no GPA
  • Audit/Special Audit

Students may choose the Audit/Special Audit grade option if they do not seek academic credit for the course and do not wish to be responsible for all assignments. Special Audit, which includes a reduced tuition rate, is offered on a space-available basis and is not offered for all courses. Students may not change their grade option after a certain date in each session. Learn more about our Registration and Refund Deadlines.

Note: Washington University employee tuition benefits will apply only to Letter Grade and Pass/Fail options.

Full-time Study

Undergraduate students wishing to enroll full-time (12 units or more) must submit transcripts of previous college work and obtain an advisor’s approval prior to registering.

Graduate students wishing to enroll full-time (9 units or more) must obtain an advisor’s approval prior to registering.

Course Time/Location Changes and Cancellations

Occasionally, it is necessary to change the time or location of a course, or to cancel a course. Changes will be posted online. In the event of a course cancellation, students will be notified by email. CAPS establishes minimum enrollments and may cancel classes that do not meet this minimum. Please attend the first day of class unless you are notified that a course has been canceled. Tuition and fees are refunded in the event of a canceled course.

Students with questions about the refund policy should contact the CAPS Student Billing Coordinator.

Independent Study

Students admitted to a degree or certificate program may arrange independent study with faculty members or pursue an internship for academic credit. All independent study and internship projects must be described and approved in writing by the independent study instructor and an academic advisor, and are subject to approval by the Registrar and Dean. Registration deadlines and tuition charges vary. Call 314-935-4444 for more information.

No more than six units of independent study may be applied toward any degree program. No more than six credits of independent study may be applied toward a certificate program which requires nineteen units of credit or more. No more than three credits of independent study may be applied toward a certificate program which requires eighteen units of credit or less.