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Creating Your Own Career Development Plan

Your School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS) education is grounded in the liberal arts, which focus on writing, critical thinking and study in a variety of academic subjects. Did you know that these are also job skills? Read “Why Businesses Prefer a Liberal Arts Education,” and learn which of these proficiencies you can highlight on your resume:

  • critical thinking
  • persuasive and thoughtful writing
  • research – the ability to complete long-term projects and learn independently
  • teamwork
  • creativity

CAPS offers a course for credit that helps you plan your career: General Studies (U03 130). Students in degree programs can also use the Washington University Career Center.

Ready to get started right away? Take these three basic steps to create your own career development plan:

Step 1: Reflect

Career planning begins with self-understanding. Knowing your skills, your values and your goals will help you find a calling that is a good fit.

Step 2: Explore

As you learn about your skills, values and goals, begin investigating possible careers that suit your needs.

Step 3: Connect

Create a career plan connecting what you have learned about yourself with your discoveries about different jobs – then begin to make your new career a reality.

Career Development can continue throughout your working life – just keep following these three steps as you change fields or advance in your chosen career. Keep us in the loop so we can celebrate your achievements!

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