The Washington University in St. Louis scholarship fund introduced in 2015 is available for Basic Services Contract employees who work full time on its campuses and employees and apprentices of the university’s UCAP and AWE programs. Eligible individuals are invited to take classes at the School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS), Washington University’s evening, professional, and continuing education division, with the support of this scholarship. This important program helps employees earn a degree, a certificate or simply explore their interests in a stimulating academic setting.

Note: Beginning Summer 2018, the scholarship program will now fund up to two courses per semester, plus a one-unit College Transition Seminar, an increase from previous sessions.


  1. Basic Services Contract Employees – Basic services contract employees who work full-time, as defined by their employer, on any Washington University campus. Covered university contractors are:
    • Allied Universal Security Services
    • Sodexo
    • Catering St. Louis
    • Flik
    • Focal Pointe
    • Follett
    • Huntleigh Transportation
    • WFF Facility Service
  2.  UCAP Employees – Employees of those companies that are members of the university’s Under-represented Capacity Building (UCAP) program. Current companies are:
    • Brandt Excavating
    • Carr Flooring
    • Cross Rhodes Print & Technologies
    • J West Electric
    • Pearl Street Electric
    • Penn Services
    • Phillips Concrete
    • Sledroc
    • STL Direct Mechanical
  3. Apprentices participating in the university’s AWE program

The School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS) has an open registration policy. Students with a high school diploma or the equivalent may register in CAPS undergraduate courses. While most CAPS courses are open to any qualified student, a student who wants to earn a certificate or degree must apply to the program and be admitted to CAPS as a degree candidate. Employees and apprentices also must meet CAPS eligibility requirements for course registration before entering a degree program.

Enrollment Dates

  • Summer Course Registration Opens: March
  • Fall Course Registration Opens: April
  • Spring Course Registration Opens: November

Course Offerings

Students may take classes towards an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, an undergraduate certificate, or for personal enrichment on a non-degree basis. The benefit does not extend to graduate degree course work.

Fund Availability

Students may be awarded up to the cost of two undergraduate courses per semester, plus the cost of the one-unit College Transition Seminar. This scholarship is available to make up the difference between the total cost of tuition for up to two undergraduate CAPS courses and any other available funding. Students will work with CAPS advisors to identify funding from other sources (federal, state, or CAPS).

Awarding of Funds

Scholarship funds will be given to students on a first-applied, first-awarded basis upon submission of all necessary documentation and final approval by CAPS. Funds are limited and once they’ve been exhausted for the semester, no additional scholarships will be awarded.

Scholarship Application & Registration Process

To apply for the scholarship and register for classes:

  1. Complete the Contractor Services Scholarship Agreement form
  2. Submit a letter or email from your employer stating you are employed full-time on one of Washington University’s campuses and signed Contractor Services Scholarship Agreement form to:
    CAPS: Office of Admissions and Student Services
    ATTN: Garland Edmonds
    MSC 1064-134-100
    Washington University in St. Louis
    1 Brookings Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
  3. Contact us to make an appointment with a CAPS advisor. Advisors are available during both daytime and evening hours. If you have taken any previous college courses, please bring transcripts with you when you meet with an advisor. If you are interested in applying for admission to a degree or certificate program, an advisor will be happy to answer questions about the admission process and requirements.
  4. Visit our registration site to browse and select your course for the upcoming academic semester. Select the “WU Contractor Scholarship” payment option when checking out.

Applicants must submit proof of employment and a signed Scholarship Agreement prior to registration each semester to which you are applying. You may submit documentation and begin registration on the day that registration opens for the coming semester.