The Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Program at the School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS) is designed for students who wish to pursue rigorous and accelerated study that will lead to both a Bachelor of Science and either a Master of Arts or Master of Science in areas of study for which there are degree programs at CAPS.

This program is offered either mostly or fully online.  Students entering the U.S. on an F-1 or J-1 Visa must enroll in a program full time.  F-1 students are only permitted to enroll in one online course per semester and J-1 students may only enroll in non-credit online courses that do not count toward their degree program.  The School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS) cannot guarantee face-to-face enrollment options each semester of full time enrollment, therefore cannot issue an I-20 or DS 2019 to F-1 and J-1 students for this program.  If you are an F-1 or J-1 student and wish to enroll in a CAPS program while here on a Visa, please contact our recruitment team to discuss your options for face-to-face program enrollment.  F-1 and J-1 students should not enroll in online courses or programs without first consulting the university’s Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS).


Minimum Units of Course Work Completed


Maximum Units of Graduate Course Work at the 400 and 500 Levels

Program Requirements

  • Formal admission to the School of Continuing & Professional Studies
  • Completion of a minimum of 135 units of course work, undergraduate and graduate, including all residency requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree
  • Completion of all requirements in the student’s graduate program, including a final written project where required, and in accordance with all academic policies and procedures for undergraduate and graduate study in CAPS and/or the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
  • A maximum of 15 to 18 units of graduate course work (depending on the specific MA program) at the 400 and 500 levels may count toward requirements for both the graduate degree and as unrestricted electives for the undergraduate degree.
  • Students must continue their master’s degree course work in the semester (fall or spring) immediately following completion of the bachelor’s degree. 

Application Requirements

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