The Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL) is designed for adult career-changers who are committed to teaching in at-risk schools. The School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS), the Institute for School Partnership and the St. Louis Teacher Residency (STLTR) program collaborate to train and support aspiring teachers who, in turn, will accelerate student achievement.

The first year of the program is facilitated by STLTR and begins with a one-year residency. Student residents work with an experienced mentor teacher in a high-needs classroom, developing the skills needed to be a leader in the classroom. Residents also take classes focused on the core competencies needed to have a successful career in teaching. By joining STLTR, students make a commitment to serve the learners and families in St. Louis-area public schools.

At the end of the first-year residency, students earn their teacher certification. During the second year, residents teach in their partner school districts while completing their master’s degrees at CAPS. Master’s pedagogical course work continues to support and inform the students’ classroom teaching, and it is complemented by subject-specific courses. After completing the master’s degree, participants commit to teaching two additional years in their home districts, and they receive continued support from STLTR staff during their early years of teaching.

Experienced teachers in STLTR partner schools who wish to strengthen and deepen their practice and prepare to mentor new teachers may also enroll in the MATL.


Units of Required Courses


Units of Elective Requirements

Required Courses – 15 units

  • U08 EDUC 5124 Intentional Classroom Planning
  • One of the following series (three units total):
    • Advanced Teaching Methods: Elementary (U08 5125 & 5130)
    • Advanced Teaching Methods: Secondary English/Language Arts (U08 5126 & 5131)
    • Advanced Teaching Methods: Secondary Mathematics (U08 5127 & 5132)
    • Advanced Teaching Methods: Secondary Science (U08 5128 & 5133)
  • Advanced Teaching Methods: Project Based Learning and Assessment (U08 5129)
  • MATL Capstone Seminar I (U08 5140)
  • MATL Capstone Seminar II (U08 5141)

Elective Requirements – 15 units

Students tailor their degree by taking additional courses in Education or subject-specific areas such as English, math, or biology.

Students who have completed the St. Louis Teacher Residency (STLTR) year earn nine units toward their electives. Learn more about the residency year with STLTR.

Experienced teachers who would like to qualify to serve as mentor teachers in the STLTR residency program must complete these 6 units as part of their elective coursework:

  • Practicum I: Instructional Coaching (1.5 units)
  • Practicum II: Instructional Coaching (1.5 units)
  • The American School (U08 4301)

Application Requirements

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