Nonprofit organizations confront the challenges and opportunities that mission-driven organizations face today in areas such as succession planning, volunteerism, resource development and competitive funding. The Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management addresses these areas, drawing on the expertise of experienced practitioners in the St. Louis area.

The graduate program in nonprofit management provides a range of courses that address the major responsibilities and challenges of nonprofit and human resources management. It prepares students to work effectively in the field, and it enhances the management skills of those seeking careers in related fields. This program is designed for working adults attending school on a part-time basis.

Program Objectives

This program provides students with the skills and resources needed to lead mission-driven organizations as productive examples of social entrepreneurship. Studies are grounded in the historical context of nonprofit management and philanthropy, and students acquire skills in all operational areas of nonprofit management, including financial management, law, grant writing, volunteer management, resource development, research and statistical analysis, and marketing communications. At the strategic level, the program teaches leadership, organization development, strategic planning, and the skills of social entrepreneurship.

Who Should Apply?

This master’s program is designed for experienced nonprofit managers seeking advancement in the field, individuals who are new to the workforce looking for entry-level positions in the field, and experienced professionals from another field who wish to make a transition to the nonprofit sector.


Units of Required Courses


Units of Elective Requirements

Required Courses – 27 units

The Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management consists of 36 units of graduate course work covering all aspects of nonprofit administration and management in a combination of nonprofit and human resources management courses, of which 27 units are required.

  • Management in Nonprofit Organizations (U76 507)
  • Resource Development for Nonprofit Organizations (U76 508)
  • Statistics and Research Design in Nonprofit Management (U76 510)
  • Integrated Capstone Project for Nonprofit Management (U76 514)
  • Organizational Behavior and Management (U76 520)
  • Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations (U76 525)
  • Human Resources Management (U76 531)
  • Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector (U76 555)
  • Legal Issues Impacting Nonprofit Organizations (U76 570)

Elective Requirements – 9 units

The remainder of courses (9 credits total) are nonprofit-related electives of the student’s choice.

CFRE International Approved Courses

Some Nonprofit Management courses are approved for 37.5 CFRE certification points per course. Please review individual course descriptions to determine which courses are approved.

Application Requirements

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