Interested in Teaching?

The School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS) is an institution that’s committed to bringing the highest quality academic programs to students looking to continue their education in the St. Louis area. Founded in 1931, CAPS, formerly University College, the professional and continuing education school, serves the needs of our students in the St. Louis region.

Can I propose a new course for CAPS?

WashU faculty, staff, researchers, partners, and alumni will be encouraged to participate in the mission of CAPS, within the identified focus areas, certificates and degrees. A portal for course and program idea submissions will open online as each division of the school opens under the leadership of its director.

In the meantime, here is what is likely to be required in a course proposal: 

  • Where does this fit? Identify which area of the school would house your course.
  • Who can teach it? Identify if there is a particular set of subject-specific expertise needed. Whenever possible, include specific individuals who may be consulted or participate in the proposal.
  • Why this proposal? If there is a particular preference or need for the proposal, including for career advancement or growth, please include as much information as possible. CAPS is enthusiastic about understanding the needs in the St. Louis region specifically, although other needs are also valuable.
  • What components are essential? When thinking about your proposal, what aspects of this idea are crucial? A project? A collaboration? A learning objective?

All proposals will be rigorously vetted by faculty leadership in academic divisions. Courses for the following semester must be approved at least six to nine months in advance of the semester in which they will be offered.

What if I want to propose something larger than a course? A program? A new degree?

CAPS will be interested to hear your ideas. If what you are proposing is larger than a single course, you may be asked to seek approval and involvement from your department and/or school.

I’d like to be involved in a different way. What else can I do?

In addition to course and program proposals, members of the Washington University community may be asked to serve on committees or serve in CAPS through other means.

If you’re interested, fill out the New Course Proposal Form below. Scroll down to fill out the form entirely: